Simple // Classic // Bold

Simple // Classic // Bold


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Sun 26th Feb 9:00am - 1:00pm

Have you ever watched children when they create? Painting or colouring, finding complete joy in their colour selection, filled with excitement on what they have created and so proud of their accomplishments?

Have you forgotten what it was like to create?

G by Gabrielle creates an open environment, allowing experimentation, sharing of ideas with friends or making new ones. Our G by Gabrielle Resin workshop is all about learning how to mix resin, add pigment and finish your jewellery pieces.

The workshop will be divided into three sections, the first is a brief tutorial explaining how to use resin to create your own jewellery, along with Gabrielle demonstrating mixing and pouring the resin into a mould.

The second step is where the fun begins! You will create beautiful personalised pieces of jewellery to show off to your friends and family!

Choose your colours and designs and then work with Gabrielle to handcraft two resin bangles and two resin rings.

Rediscover that feeling of creating something new, reconnect with that creative child inside us all!

G by Gabrielle Resin Jewellery Workshop